KLM & Associates provides information and services in preparing or strategizing a response to compliance requirements such as:

  • Grant Requirements
  • Audit Findings
  • Form 990 Requirements
  • Funding Mandates
  • Program Reviews
  • State or Federal Requirements

Includes: evaluation, reviews, data collection and analysis, or assistance with policy, personnel, or organizational processes. Preparing documents for compliance review or responding to findings.  Analyzing project design and needs to assure compliance, facilitating strategies to bring about changes when needed. Presentations and training.

Examples of Prior Experience:

  • Community College Workforce Training Partnership: Prepared for a compliance review of a $1.9 million 3-year Department of Labor statewide grant providing education and training to adults and older youth in three cities via simulcast instruction.
  • Community College Grants to Improve Student Learning and Access To Higher Education:  Collected and managed data demonstrating compliance and prepared accountability reports for grant initiatives totaling $15 million.
  • Nonprofit Organization:  As CEO, regained full compliance with state and federal funding requirements ($18 million budget) in response to program reviews and audit concerns.
  • Tribal Enterprise: In response to audit concerns, assisted in reviewing personnel policies in compliance with federal and tribal laws.  Revised organizational flowchart.
  • Nonprofit and Association Board Member:  Extensive experience serving on boards providing oversight to nonprofit organizations and professional associations.  Served as a member of finance, fund development, and executive committees to ensure compliance.