KLM & Associates provides information and support in analyzing needs and designing records management processes including:

  • Audit tools to assess needs
  • Review and update of job descriptions
  • Records management center design
  • Storage and archive processes
  • Presentations and training
  • Policy and procedures
  • Update or design of forms and flow charts
  • Records custodians handbooks
  • Information and resources for website

A systems approach to records management addresses issues of compliance with FERPA, public requests for records and information, records retention schedules, state and federal laws, funding mandates, and policy and procedures.  Analysis includes examining the efficiency of processes in handling records storage, processes and forms, training, confidentiality, and electronic records.

Examples of Prior Experience:

  • School District Records Management Center:  In a school district serving 20,000 students, facilitated a process to identify needs and develop a new approach to manage district records in response to district-identified compliance needs. Created and helped train a new Records Manager Officer position, designed a records management center, resolved records storage concerns, developed training materials and resources for district web page, and updated policies and procedures.