KLM & Associates provides information and support in the design and implementation of research and evaluation activities including:

  • Design research and evaluation plans
  • Conduct research including focus groups, interviews and surveys
  • Evaluate program accountability and success
  • Collect, collate, manage and analyze data
  • Analyze documents
  • Prepare proposals or  reports (formative and summative)
  • Provide training and presentations
  • Research best practices

Examples of Prior Experience:

  • Community College Grants to Improve Student Learning and Access To Higher Education:  Designed and managed evaluation plans for $15 million state and federal funded programs to serve K-12 districts in partnership with higher education, business and community. Collected data through focus groups and surveys (ultimately 10,000 bilingual surveys annually to parents, students, teachers and community), collated and managed data over multiple years, addressed FERPA, and prepared evaluative reports.
  • Workforce Training Partnership: Administered the start up of a $1.9 million 3-year Department of Labor statewide grant providing education and training to adults and older youth in three cities via simulcast instruction, including evaluative activities to demonstrate effectiveness.
  • Community College President’s Strategic Planning: Designed and implemented the President’s survey to guide college planning initiatives driven by community needs and perceptions
  • City Police Department: Designed and implemented a study of the perceptions and needs of citizens in high crime neighborhoods.  Included research, bi-lingual survey development; design and training for focus groups; collecting, collating and analyzing data; report writing; and presentations to city council and community groups.  Efforts led to innovative changes in community policing and reduced crime in targeted neighborhoods
  • Community college campus climate survey:  Designed and implemented on behalf of collective bargaining units, a college campus climate survey to guide faculty, classified and administrative planning initiatives
  • Labor financial analysis: assisted state labor organization with a financial analysis of legislative impact on budgets for higher education, early learning and K-12 employees including attendance at legislative hearings, research; review of finance reports; meetings with key staff and legislators; and the preparation of reports to guide policy and action.
  • Farmworker Business:  Assisted a business providing resources to Latino farmers and ranchers by collecting data for federal funding and planning.  Assisted with developing a proposal, designing evaluation plan, analyzing data and writing reports.