Whether it is helping find ways to maintain compliance, collect and manage data, expand partnerships or sustain up-to-date policies, records and other documents, KLM & Associates solves problems and strengthens organizational capacity by bringing order and structure to documents and processes.

Too often, organizations are stymied by out-of-date documents such as policies, procedures, bylaws and manuals, or may have failed to implement, streamline, or make part of core business practice, those processes that make it easy to comply with legal, financial or funding requirements. Valuable time and resources can be lost responding to mandates or trying to meet deadlines when information is missing or processes are no longer effective.

The approach taken by KLM & Associates is pragmatic, intended to make your organization’s work easier.  A significant amount of time is invested to understand and respond to the unique needs of the organization as experienced by those who provide the services, governance or oversight to its operations and programs.

KLM & Associates provides system-based solutions – designed for sustainability, structured for efficiency and compliance, and adaptable to future growth and change:

  • Solutions to attain, maintain and sustain up-to-date documents
  • Strategies to respond to compliance requirements
  • Systems to manage records
  • Strategies to seek funding or initiate programs
  • Research/Evaluation design, data collection and analysis

KLM & Associates – information, ideas and solutions!