The Consolidated Table of Contents for Washington State Model Policies

Attached is a consolidated Table of Contents for school district model policies available in Washington State, a tool prepared by KLM & Associates.  Washington State school districts have found this to be helpful in quickly identifying missing policies in their district policy manual.  The consolidated table of contents also identifies the sub-headings for each series, demonstrating the logic flow in how the policies are arranged.  This is especially helpful if a district has written its own policy and needs to decide where to locate it in the policy manual.  Also, it becomes clearer to a district, how to number a district policy when they can easily see which numbers are not currently assigned to a state policy model. (Note: In Washington State, school districts benefit from the work of the Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA), a state public agency legislated with responsibilities that include the coordination of policymaking (RCW 28A.34.040).  Washington State policies are available through the WSSDA website).

Download Template: PDF | DOC

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This post was written by Kathleen McDonald