Solving problems requires effective and sustainable solutions.   My commitment is to listen to the unique needs of each organization and offer solutions that can be maintained and sustained.

I work collaboratively with the organization in order to understand the scope and needs of a project before providing options on how to proceed.  Each project is considered from an individualized problem solving perspective.

An initial assessment of needs may involve phone calls or on-site meetings. Once agreement is reached as to the project goals and timeline, I provide services that may include site visits, document review, interviews, research, training or product development.

In order to avoid the problem of reaching a goal and then finding out later that an organization has ‘slid back’ to the original state, I work to integrate systems design and leadership components as part of the process. When addressing policies, documents, records, and data, organizations need to go beyond simply attaining a specific goal, to examine how the task fits within core activities of all stakeholders.

Effective solutions anticipate growth and constant change by allowing for flexible and adaptive processes. A solution which increases organizational ‘literacy’ has a strong chance of  success and sustainability.