Dr. Kathleen L. McDonald brings a unique and diverse background to KLM & Associates having had significant and successful work experience in each service area.

She began her career in Australia as a middle and high school teacher in Melbourne. She has since worked within the entire educational system (early learning through graduate school) and with districts ranging in size from small, rural or isolated to the large and urban. She received certification in Australia as a teacher, in Washington State as a teacher, counselor and superintendent and is currently certified as a superintendent in the state of Idaho.

Dr. McDonald’s experience includes executive management as CEO of a nonprofit organization with 500 employees and an $18 million annual budget. In this capacity, she was responsible for administering early childhood education and youth support services to 3000 children, youth and families in 11 counties. She successfully transitioned a $800,000 operating deficit into a $245,000 positive, regaining compliance with state and federal funders.

Dr. McDonald secured, managed and conducted evaluative studies for approximately $20 million of state and federal grants at community colleges impacting student achievement and workforce training.  She has been an adjunct professor and guest lecturer in graduate level courses at seven universities.

Dr. McDonald founded KLM & Associates in 1995 in response to a need for resources for an emerging comprehensive school counseling and student services model. She provided state leadership and trained nearly 200 school districts and community and technical colleges – key elements of this model have since become part of state legislation and current practice.

Through KLM & Associates, Dr. McDonald has provided policy update services to more than 55 districts in Washington State and on-site consultation to another 25 districts.  She was responsible for restructuring state policy services to school districts and updating state policy models. Dr. McDonald designed and helped implement a new school district records management center in response to compliance needs.  She has worked with labor to conduct research and analyze financial implications of legislative policy; assisted a tribal enterprise in creating personnel policies in compliance with federal regulations; designed and implemented community policing surveys and focus groups; conducted evaluative studies for Latino rural small business and farmworkers; and developed a business plan and policies for an emerging small business.

Dr. McDonald has been an advocate at local, state and national levels.  She has served on state and national committees engaged in educational policy formation and advocacy, and she has been active in civic and community organizations.  She has given more than 75 presentations at state and national conferences on topics such as: project evaluation design, outcome results for state and federal funded programs, and innovative program design. Dr. McDonald has held state and national leadership positions in professional associations including board chair, secretary, treasurer, and positions responsible for bylaws and policy oversight. Her educational qualifications include:  Ed.D. in Educational Leadership (Seattle University); M.Ed. in Educational Psychology (University of Washington); and, a B.A. in English (Washington State University).