KLM & Associates provides information and support in the review, editing, writing or updating of organization documents such as:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Bylaws
  • Handbooks or manuals for employees, students, or board members
  • Business plans
  • Forms and organizational charts

The process involves researching best practices, utilizing resources, providing presentations, trainings, and designing strategies to sustain updated documents.  Organizational documents such as policies need to be aligned with updated employee or student handbooks, or collective bargaining agreements, Documents can be prepared to respond to funding, finance or legal mandates.

Examples of Prior Experience:

  • Washington State School Districts: Policy manual update services to more than 55 school districts and onsite consultation to an additional 25 districts.  Support in adapting school district policy to Policy Governance models, rural, small or isolated school districts, private schools, shared tribal governance, pre-kindergarten districts, cooperative districts, and K-6 or K-8 districts
  • Policy and Bylaws Leadership: Extensive experience serving in the position of policy and bylaws chair at the local, state and national levels.  Developed a national policy and bylaw template
  • Nonprofit Historical Center: Review and update of Policy and Procedure Manual, Bylaws, Personnel Manual and Board Member Handbook.  Focus is to update policies and ensure that policy is aligned with organizational processes.
  • Nonprofit Organization:  As CEO, reviewed, updated and aligned all agency documents including board handbook, bylaws, organization charts, policies (originally 400 policies), procedures and forms.
  • Tribal Enterprise: Review of personnel policies and organizational chart
  • Small Business: revised business plan to secure funding for start-up of a public nonprofit and private for-profit partnership.